Sustainable Living Idea Challenge

Bellwether Research Institute introduces the 770 Million Citizen Sustainable Living Idea Challenge

The world’s population is projected to reach more than 9 billion citizens by 2020 and 10 billion people by 2050. According to many scientific and health experts, air, water and soil quality will continue to decline at an alarming rate.

In this era of increased pollution and growing population, Bellwether Research Institute and many organizations and communities are taking positive steps to improve the environment. We are seeking practical ideas and low-cost solutions that can improve air, water and soil quality. The Sustainable Living Ideas and Solutions must apply to Consumer Product Companies and their Supply Chain Suppliers.

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We share a common objective

- to rid the world of poor Air, Water and Soil Quality while maintaining current natural resources and the product experiences that we enjoy today. Through the knowledge gained in this Sustainable Living Idea Challenge we will engage multi-national consumer product companies, governments and non-governmental organizations to solve local and similar global environmental challenges.

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- we realize that most concerned citizens will provide their business ideas and solutions because they want to make a positive change. However, we plan to reward the top five (5) most impactful sustainable living ideas and solutions that apply to Consumer Products Companies and their Supply Chain Partners.

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Challenge Contest Rules:
As many as five winners will receive up to USD $250.00 as an incentive for the most practical idea target to reduce consumer products group supply chain greenhouse gas emissions. All participants or teams are invited to join a support network of concerned citizens... Find Out More »
Acceptable Entries may include:
Marketing Innovation
Sales Strategy
Information Technology Innovation
Manufacturing Excellence
Transportation Planning 
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