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Bellwether at a glance
Bellwether Research Institute is an independent sustainable supply chain advisory firm based in the United States in Atlanta, Georgia with resources in Canada, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Trinidad & Tobago, the United States and Vietnam. Bellwether conducts outreach, engages global thought leaders and publishes actionable research on a broad range of topics such as:

• Addictive Manufacturing
• Big Data
• Digital Marketing
• Digital Supply Chain
• Consumer Engagement
• Global Inventory Policy
• Investor Risk
• Sales & Operations Planning
• Transportation Mode Optimization

• Cold Supply Chain Strategies
• Consumption Strategies
• Data Innovation
• Global Inventory Policy
• Logistics Management
• Product Innovation
• Sales Distribution Strategy
• Supply Planning
• Sustainable Business Models
• User- Centric Product Design


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Our 2017 Aspirations
Our work is dedicated to reducing childhood and adult mortality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in three Asian economies. We envision a carbon neutral Consumer Products Group (CPG) Supply Chain by:

  • Improving CPG & Supplier demand planning processes by engaging consumers at the point-of-sale (POS).
  • Creating new CPG manufacturing & CPG Supplier efficiencies by engaging consumers, manufacturing and key supply chain partners.
  • Optimizing the production and movement of raw materials, physical products and final deliverables by engaging consumers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors in real time.


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Key Initiatives
We have a number of ongoing insight studies focused on business growth several markets and disciplines.

• Consumer Engagement in China
• Consumer Engagement in Indonesia
• Consumer Engagement in Philippines
• Consumer Engagement in United States
• Consumer Engagement in Vietnam
• Global Logistics Sustainability Best Practices Study
• Next Gen Addictive Manufacturing

• Demand Plan Modeling Development
• Consumer Engagement in Trinidad & Tobago
• Global Consumer Products Company Supplier Best Practices Study
• Investor Risk Management
• Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement Academia in China
• Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement by Global Business


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Challenge Contest Rules:
As many as five winners will receive up to USD $250.00 as an incentive for the most practical idea target to reduce consumer products group supply chain greenhouse gas emissions. All participants or teams are invited to join a support network of concerned citizens... Find Out More »
Acceptable Entries may include:
Marketing Innovation
Sales Strategy
Information Technology Innovation
Manufacturing Excellence
Transportation Planning 
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