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Bellwether Institute at a glance
Bellwether Institute is an independent research firm focused on Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical , Medical Device, Healthcare, High Tech, Industrial, Automotive, Retail Manufacturers, Food, Beverage, and Global Logistics.  Our consumer engagement research and support staff are located in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Canada, China, Indonesia, Jamaica, Portugal,  Philippines, Trinidad & Tobago, and Vietnam.  The Bellwether Supply Chain Innovation Lab conducts outreach, engages global thought leaders and publishes actionable research on a broad range of topics such as:

• Addictive Manufacturing
• Business Growth
• Digital Marketing
• Digital Supply Chain
• Consumer Engagement
• Global Inventory Policy
• Investor Risk
• Sales & Operations Planning
• Transportation Mode Optimization

• Cold Supply Chain Strategies
• Consumption Strategies
• Digital Innovation
• Global Inventory Policy
• Logistics Management
• Product Innovation
• Sales Distribution Strategy
• Supply Planning
• Sustainable Business Models
• User- Centric Product Design


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Our 2017 Aspirations
Our work is dedicated to reducing childhood and adult mortality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in three Asian economies. We envision a carbon neutral Consumer Products Group (CPG) Supply Chain by:

  • Improving CPG & Supplier demand planning processes by engaging consumers at the point-of-sale (POS).
  • Creating new CPG manufacturing & CPG Supplier efficiencies by engaging consumers, manufacturing and key supply chain partners.
  • Optimizing the production and movement of raw materials, physical products and final deliverable by engaging consumers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors in real time.


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Key Initiatives
We have a number of ongoing insight studies focused on business growth several markets and disciplines.

• Consumer Engagement in China
• Consumer Engagement in Indonesia
• Consumer Engagement in Philippines
• Consumer Engagement in United States
• Consumer Engagement in Vietnam
• Global Logistics Sustainability Best Practices Study
• Next Gen Addictive Manufacturing

• Demand Plan Modeling Development
• Consumer Engagement in Trinidad & Tobago
• Global Consumer Products Company Supplier Best Practices Study
• Investor Risk Management
• Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement Academia in China
• Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement by Global Business


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Challenge Contest Rules:
As many as five winners will receive up to USD $250.00 as an incentive for the most practical idea target to reduce consumer products group supply chain greenhouse gas emissions. All participants or teams are invited to join a support network of concerned citizens... Find Out More »
Acceptable Entries may include:
Marketing Innovation
Sales Strategy
Information Technology Innovation
Manufacturing Excellence
Transportation Planning 
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